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Church Goin Mule


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Join us for an art show starring Church Goin Mule with tunes spun by DJ OG and a cash credit bar. The show is from 4-8PM on Saturday, November 11, 2023 at 100 Men Hall. 

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Church Goin Mule is a southern artist who was born and raised across the south, her kinfolk came from the mountains, and she keeps her studio in the Mississippi delta today.

Church Goin Mule's work is a memory jug, a death-vase mash of the collective southern past, pearls and rusted nails, song and story, lore and loss.

The mule is our common ground, the creature that every man, woman and child of all origin knew, in a time before t-models and tractors. Please join us for a delightful art show, cash/credit bar and some tunes to keep you loose.