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Tricia McAlvain [Raw Oyster Marching Club]

Tricia McAlvain [Raw Oyster Marching Club]

DAY 015 Tricia McAlvain [Raw Oyster Marching Club] photographed exclusively for the 100 Men Hall People Project (100MHPP).

The photo shoot (100 Men Hall People Project) was my first memory, personally, to be in the hall. It was and forever will be an absolutely amazing memory of mine!

In the past few years, I have had the opportunity to help my friends who are local small business owners along Main Street in Old Town Bay St. Louis. This has allowed me to get to know people of the area. Of course, I knew about the Hall being bought by someone new. I was anxious and excited just like everyone else to meet the new owner. 

Through community events and working on Main Street I have had the opportunity to get to know you (Rachel). We would speak of the hall and your intentions. 

I completely appreciate and adore everything that you’re doing to embrace the history, the culture, and keep it alive for generations to come. The way you are bringing new life into the hall is simply amazing. Being a part of the Raw Oyster Marching Club is something I hold dear to me. It is a way for me to share my love of Bay St Louis with others through performance and the oysters that we paint, adorn, and pass out during our parades and special events. So it was sooo perfect and magical. For you to invite us and to be surrounded by fellow oyster sisters is a perfect first memory of the hall for me. The honor of Gus Bennett capturing it by photography will be treasured forever. I look forward to many more memory making times at the Hall in the future.

(Photo by: Gus Bennett | The 100 Men Hall People Project)

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