A Conversation with Lions - September 19, 2022

A Conversation with Lions - September 19, 2022

Until lions have their own story tellers,
the tale of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.
~African proverb

The 100 Men Hall is documenting the elders in the African American community of Bay Saint Louis, MS to capture stories about growing up Black along the coast and how the Hall functioned in the daily community life. 

This is the second conversation with Clementine Williams (81), Paula Fairconnetue  (69), and Dianne Frederick (67). 

Watch here.

Moderator: Rachel Dangermond, Director of 100 Men Hall
Sound: Jesse Loya
Videography: Lionel Haynes, Southern Wayz Productions
Lighting: LuVegas Visuals
Powered by: Retrofit, Sandra Price
Food: Chef Joe Castoro of Beachside

Photo of Clementine Williams by Gus Bennett for 100 Men Hall People Project

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