James Inabinet, PhD

James Inabinet, PhD

 Tin Shed residency dates 4/1-23/2021

James Inabinet, PhD: I am gratified to acknowledge my residency at the Tin Shed.  My project was to discover and test techniques for facilitating “soul-to-soul connections” with a place, and to document what that was like. I had already achieved success with such a project on my own land over the past 30 years and have been developing techniques to help anyone accomplish it anywhere.  The residency was a “test” of these techniques.

What the Tin Shed residency did for me was make it possible to spend the uninterrupted time allotments necessary at the three “test” areas, all of which were close to the Tin Shed, to test the techniques and tweak them if necessary.  Because of that I was able to accomplish the goal of my project as well as to develop and create the “art-based-documentation” that was meant to be a distillation of the essence of the work.  The project culminated with an “interview,” before a live audience, at the Tin Shed, to discuss my work and the findings.

I am deeply indebted to Rachel Dangermond and the Hall for helping me conduct the project; without her aid and her skills at interviewing a difficult interviewee, it would have been difficult if not impossible. 

James Inabinet, PhD

[Residency funded through a grant with the Mississippi Humanities Council]

Photograph by Ann Madden

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