The 100 Men Hall’s mission is to promote and preserve the hall, a centuries’ old nexus of social justice and artistic expression for a population historically denied access to both, in the Jim Crow South. Today, the hall fosters civic participation in a variety of causes to promote the greater common good, supporting creative expression and activist art for women and men who have struggled to find a mainstream connection due to their social or artistic convictions, or minority status. Those familiar with the Hall consider it a beloved community treasure; those learning about it for the first time are instantly captivated by its storied past.

The Hall’s past tells a more nuanced story of Mississippi than the one most people hear about this state. It is a story of a self-directed and self-reliant African American community, and it is the story of sheer artistry and creativity starring James Brown and Etta James as well as a long roster of brilliant musicians and performers who were part of the Chitlin Circuit.

In 2022, the Hall celebrated its centennial and 129th anniversary as a 501c3 federal nonprofit, Hundred Members Debating Benevolent Association. As a nonprofit, we rely on sponsorships to keep the music playing and program grants to get the good word out there about this unique and compelling landmark.

MUSIC LOVER sponsor: $1000

-4 tickets to the event sponsored

MUSICAN LOVER sponsor: $1500

-6 tickets to the event sponsored

SAM COOKE sponsor: $2500

-sponsor logo featured on marketing and flyers for event

-4 tickets to events

JAMES BROWN sponsor: $5,000

-sponsor logo on website

-logo featured on mailings

-6 tickets to events

RAY CHARLES sponsor: $10,000

-sponsor logo on musical events, including website, marketing flyers and all material printed for musical events

-logo featured on mailings

-signage at musical events

-10 tickets to musical events

ETTA JAMES sponsor: $25,000

-sponsor logo and name included on website, marketing flyers and all materials printed or digital

-logo featured on mailings

-banner during events

-opportunity for sponsor to speak at events

-20 tickets to signature events


The historic 100 Men Hall is a 501c3 federal nonprofit and any donation over $250 may be tax deductible. 

To sponsor, please contact Rachel Dangermond, Director, 100 Men Hall at and cell: 415.336.9543. 

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