The 100 Men Hall’s mission is to promote and preserve the hall, a centuries’ old nexus of social justice and artistic expression for a population historically denied access to both, in the Jim Crow South. Today, the hall fosters civic participation in a variety of causes to promote the greater common good, supporting creative expression and activist art for women and men who have struggled to find a mainstream connection due to their social or artistic convictions, or minority status. Those familiar with the Hall consider it a beloved community treasure; those learning about it for the first time are instantly captivated by its storied past.

Your monthly contribution to our branded events creates a wide web to support the arts and enables the Hall to tell its story by hiring predominately artists of color to contribute to the narrative.

A Conversation With Lions


The Hall invites Elders from the Black community to sit down to dinner and have a conversation about what it was like to be Black in the Bay, back in the day. These videos are archived on our website and provide a more in depth understanding of how the 100 Men Hall was a pillar in the foundation of this community.

A Soulful Christmas


Every year in December, the Hall invites the children and their families to come experience selfies with Black Santa and Mrs. Claus, play reindeer games, create art, eat a hot complete breakfast, and win prizes. The Hall is typically overrun by over 100 children and their families who experience the joy and wonder of this historical venue.

Freedom Art Camps


The Hall is vested in providing accessible art camps to community youth and empowering students to dig deep into the history that Hall’s story tells. Whether it is making marionettes or building journals, the Hall is committed to the arts and storytelling with the young residents of this area.

Lava Lounge


Lava Lounge is a Happy Hour providing a community gathering place every Thursday at the Hall. There are free appetizers, DJ OG spinning vinyl, a cash/credit bar, and lots of good vibes. 

The Hall is a federal 501c3 nonprofit and any donation over $250 annually could be considered tax deductible. To set up your monthly donation - click here.  



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