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The 100 Men Hall's iconic interior murals are recreated on magnets for you to have a keepsake! Who doesn't love a magnet?

An 8’ x 8’ mural, We Are Our Ancestor’s Wildest Dreams, by artist Adrienne Brown David was unveiled inside the Hall on June 17, 2022 as part of the Ancestors Weekend - a program of four themed weekends designed to commemorate the 100 Years of the 100 Men Hall. This program was partially funded by the MS Coast National Heritage Area. Brown David’s work captures Black childhood that is pure and uninterrupted. Her children and their real-life experiences are often the subject. The need to capture the reality of their specific childhood and the freedom that comes with it is the inspiration that drives her. It is essential that her work illuminates an often under-recognized narrative: that black childhood is as important and as beautiful as every other child's. The magnet is 5x5.

An 8’ x 8’ mural, Bayou Maharaja, by artist Scott Bullock was unveiled during BOOKER FEST 2021 to celebrate James Carroll Booker III. Musician Dr. John described Booker as "the best black, gay, one-eyed junkie piano genius New Orleans has ever produced."  The gifted musician played on the historic stage of 100 Men Hall and throughout the Bay having been raised here by his aunt. The gifted artist, Scott Bullock, depicts the sainthood ascribed to the brilliant pianist. The spiders climb around Booker's image and harken to his fingers that some have described as spiders because they were capable of inimitable music. The magnet is 4x5.5.

An 8' artwork, Milltary Funk, by artist John Barnes was unveiled during Rise of the DJ/Disco weekend Juneteenth 2023. Barnes’ work is primarily wood, which he constructs into assemblages. Inspiration for his work is based on the surroundings in New Orleans and the delta region as a whole. It also is influenced by local news reports highlighting activities such as gentrification, income inequity, racism, violence and justice. For the Military Funk, Barnes used this article as inspiration. The magnet is 4x6.