POSTER - 2023 BOOKER FEST Commemorative Limited Edition

Sale price$75.00

Commemorative Limited Edition Poster for the 100 Men Hall's fourth annual

Fine cotton paper that is 18x24. 

Limited Edition Print of 100 signed and numbered posters. 

Price $75

The poster image of James Carroll Booker III is by Brazilian illustrator Edson Ikê.

Edson Ikê is an illustrator and graphic designer, who creates illustrations for books, newspapers, magazines, and posters. Woodcutting is the aesthetic basis of his work. The Smith & Lens art gallery in Mississippi, U.S., exhibited his prints in 2016. He lives in São Paulo, Brazil. Visit him at

Ikê creates unique xilogravura woodcut prints. The Brazilian art of xilogravura woodcut prints – seen widely in the north-east of the country on the literatura de cordel pamphlets full of poetry and made famous by artists like Gilvan Samico and J Borges – lives on with some of Brazil’s new generation of artists like Ikê. 

Highly-skilled in the art of xilogravura, Ikê refers to some of his work as “illustrations concerning the mythology and folk tales of Brazil, printed on special paper." He was intrigued by James Booker and agreed to design this year's limited edition BOOKER FEST 2023 poster.